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In Algeiba, we developed a mobile app to prevent violence incidents and to accompany the victims and their circle.

Why an App on
gender-based violence?

Gender-based violence is a serious violation of human rights. Its impact can have an immediate or long reach and it includes many physical, sexual, psychological and even lethal consequences for their victims. It adversely affects the wellbeing of persons and it prevents them from full participation in society. Apart from having negative consequences for the victims, it also affects the victim’s family, community and country.

Gender-based violence is a type of physical or psychological violence exerted against any person or group of persons because of their sexual orientation or identity, sex or gender that adversely impacts their identity and social, physical or economic wellbeing. According to the United Nations, the term is used to distinguish common violence from the one directed to individuals or groups based on their gender.


Gender-based violence

is a world problem

Our purpose is to help to raise awareness and to foster inclusion in gender-based violence situations.

Main features


In three levels: Recipes application; Masked Log in; User and Password.

So that the victims can recognize in which part of the violence circle they are
A diary with their life story, on a private or public wall, to share with other victims
Geolocation. Panic: it triggers a request for help to defined contacts (call, SMS, WhatsApp) and/or official numbers

Calendar and schedule of activities to facilitate the monitoring of legal actions initiated
A repository of digital documents to submit in the current legal actions
Direct access to Frequently Asked Questions and queries

(chat, 0800, e-mail)

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