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Focused on customer experience

Adapting the business to the new needs, making the service available at all times.


An Argentinean company specialized in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, with a strong positioning and presence in the market. It is the oil company with the highest increase in fuel production and with the best reserve replacement rate in the country.

It is a producer, employer and private investor in the oil sector. It is responsible for the extraction of gas and oil from the main basins of the country, generating energy and jobs for more than 21,000 people who work directly or indirectly for it.

Challenge business

In mid-2020, the client identified a critical need to make first-rate care effective for both internal processes and those related to suppliers and clients.

The crisis generated by COVID increased the need to provide people with greater flexibility and schedules to solve their problems, ask frequent questions and execute business processes in a simple and guided way. In June 2020, the global pandemic situation accelerated the need for digital transformation in assistance processes. The objective began to be clear: to develop and release, as soon as possible, a conversational application that responds to each need of the 5 areas that had the greatest urgency for application.

Before deciding on which Algeiba technologies to use, the client evaluated several strategies to implement it. The organization had little time, since the confinement in Argentina was increasingly rigorous. The main problem for competing cloud providers was time.

What we did

In this scenario, Algeiba presented Algie: the chatbot solution. Algie is a virtual agent that will talk with people to solve their queries in real time, proposing the actions that are most suitable for the business. In addition, it allows you to connect without the need for additional software development to the rest api services to send and receive the necessary information to satisfy a user requirement. Finally, but decisive for the client to decide to move forward with Algeiba, was that Algie has a fully customizable web administration center, from where options, actions, questions and answers, casual conversations (chit-chat) and creation of processes of business connect to third-party services, with zero code.

Added value

As a result of an Agile methodology (Algeiba Operation Framework), between September and December the implementation of three virtual assistants with Algie software was carried out, which today provide services to more than five thousand internal and external clients:

  • Help desk: Algie facilitates the daily performance of each collaborator by answering the most common questions and guiding them internally in different requirements, solving the needs of each one in the shortest possible time.

  • Attention to suppliers: Algie helps suppliers to find the answers to the most common questions and makes available the necessary documentation for each task they need to carry out, thus streamlining processes and shortening response times.

  • HR: Algie is the ideal assistant to accompany employees in their daily queries regarding licenses, internal processes, paperwork and more, thus enabling more queries to be handled simultaneously and responding to several collaborators at the same time.

Customer support managed to reduce phone and social media contacts by 40%, estimating an investment savings of $ 500,000 a year on this task, and allowing the team to relocate to higher value tasks and new sales in a pandemic situation, pandemic, which increased its revenue from new products to existing customers by 10%. We also help reduce customer infrastructure hosting costs from $ 150,000 per year to just $ 30,000 per year.

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