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A quick and effective service is key to close more sales and to generate better brand positioning.

Maximization of Customer Self-Service

There is too much information on a website to capture the user’s attention. There is a large segment of consumers who spends more time on a smartphone texting through social media than using it as a phone.

This is a great opportunity for bots, considering that they are agents that help many clients 24x7, simultaneously, under any circumstance

How to do it?

Algeiba's virtual agent will chat with your site visitors through various channels to solve their queries in real time, proposing the most appropriate actions for the business.

Algie is a conversational bot that caters your visitors 24x7. It is configurable according to the needs of your business, making it an ideal user interface.

Knowledge base
  • It supports visitors through natural language queries.

  • Support guided by options and actions.

  • Own customizable base of questions and answers.

  • Comprehension of intentions with associated business actions.

  • Business actions that connect to any API Res based on Open API to send data or get responses.

  • Visual management interface to manage options, actions and business processes that Algie will propose to its visitors.

Connection with WhatsApp and other channels

Algie allows you to efficiently reach all users through a mass medium: WhatsApp, Web, Microsoft Teams, Mobile & Facebook:

  • It allows users to have the same web experience, but from their mobile device.

  • It allows users to start a conversation with a phone number and have it act as Algie.

  • It is possible to select among options and actions provided through selection numbers to simplify the user interface.

  • It addresses security and privacy aspects through conversation expiration and end-to-end encryption.

Processes management

With Algie, you will be able to setup the actions needed with connection to external services (API Res based on Open API), which will allow you to:

  • Request information to users.

  • Validate data entry with rules simple to configure.

  • Send and receive web services information.

  • Compare and evaluate conditions for complex processes.

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