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Business intelligence

Leaders in the implementation of business solutions and cognitive services.
Through the adoption of customized business solutions, based on Microsoft Dynamics365, PowerBI, PowerApps and Power Automate, we help our Clients improve their relationship with their people, get to know them more, increase sales, improve efficiency and increase profitability through better decision-making.

Power Platform

Power Apps

Develop desktop, tablet and mobile apps, all from the same environment even if you are not a programmer. The PowerApps platform enables you to develop apps that meet business requirements extremely quickly. It also allows you to migrate legacy developments that are so difficult to keep.

Power Automate

With Microsoft Power Automate, reach new heights of business productivity with automation of long and repetitive tasks.

Power BI

Get clarity when you need it most, give your team members the ability to get information hidden in the data.


We analyze the needs of the market, the context and the capabilities of our Clients in order to optimize their business model.

Dynamics 365

Overcome today's challenges and bring customers and organizations together with the next generation of applications.

​Unify your data, gain predictive insights, and deliver amazing results.


Dynamics 365 for Sales

  • Social Selling

  • Marketing

  • Marketing automation with Click dimensions

  • Email marketing integrated with MailUp

  • Customer service

  • Omnichannel for Customer service

  • Field Service

Business solutions

We design, develop and manage the entire life cycle of flexible and scalable business applications by adopting Microsoft-based technology.


Our customers

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