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Data center migration

A flexible and scalable platform for a more

efficient response.


A company with more than 20 years in the market, focused on developing means of collections and payments to optimize operational resources, putting emphasis on the business through its collection sites. It also markets directly technological products and services, being partners of important companies in the field.

It currently has a network of more than 1,600 cashing agencies inside the country and its own virtual wallet with more than 7,000 services and attached taxes, and more than 600,000 recurring active users.

Business challenge

The client wanted to start a process of digital transformation of data center by acquiring its own to be able to manage its infrastructure without depending on third parties, since until that moment they had everything divided between an external provider and the group to which it belongs.

Its focus on the business is divided into face-to-face payment branches and a virtual wallet that it manages through a mobile app, and it was important for the company to be able to ensure connectivity between its clients and entities, ensuring the right operation of the business in a safe way.


Algeiba proposed different alternatives, carrying out the whole design of the new data center, which ranged from advising on the acquisition and start-up of the hardware to the licensing required to ensure and agile and secure operation. 

Given the challenge that this implementation posed, the VMware cloud was chosen for the software licensing. The integrated and hyper converging infrastructure with vSAN (virtual storage area network), combined with vSphere and vCenter, allows the company to manage computer resources and storage with a single integrated platform that offers great flexibility and power, with a secure architecture and the possibility of having high input and output performance at the storage level.

A successful migration was carried out in one day, without generating any type of impact on the business, leaving the database available and generating the necessary tests to ensure the correct functioning of both the face-to-face branches and the virtual wallet.

Value added

•   More agility and efficiency

•   Reduction of cost and space through the consolidation of the data center.

•   Replacement of obsolete equipment with cutting edge technology.

•   Process automation.

•   Execution of safe operations in the data center.

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